Security means the degree of resistance to a possible harm situation. It applies to any vulnerable and valuable asset, such as person, dwelling, community, nation or organization. Our high expertise in electronic security systems was proven in many security projects, offering our clients a new vision about their own security.

Access Control

Access control systems represent the first physical barrier against unauthorized access in buildings or perimeters.

It offers the first and most important security filter by checking the owners’ identity using different technologies of authentification: proximity, contact chip or biometric as a stand alone solution or part of an integrated security system.

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Closed circuit television systems are more and more sophisticated nowadays, we may offer video surveillance systems from the simple analogue to the very complex IP ones.

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Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection may be made using different technologies, according the specific application’s particularities.

Our offer varies from simple infrared detectors to complex detection technologies as: microwaves detectors, sensitive cables, video detection, radars and dedicated particular sensors.

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XRAY Scanning Systems

We offer advanced detection technologies: Xray vehicles and container screening, liquid and metal detection, narcotic traces detection, corporal screening. Please contact us for further info.

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